Lisa Hankin Peterson     UX Designer
Google Translate for Android
The Translate App launched in January 2010. In included basic functionality that mirrored the website. I was brought on soon afterwards to do a usability cleanup and to make sure the app matched the Android style.
Home Screen

I redesigned the homepage to make it useful for return visitors, as well as first time users.

Text Input

The translation process in the old App had a button to display what languages the user had set. Pressing the button created a dialog box with two language dropdowns. Those dropdowns brought the user to another page where they could select a language.

My redesign put these dropdowns on the homepage to serve as the display and enable the user to change their selections up front.


This was just a basic style and hierarchy cleanup. However, this afforded us an opportunity to message the user about our new ‘Conversation Mode’ feature.

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