Lisa Hankin Peterson     UX Designer
Spice Hound
This project was a full site redesign for a spice retailer. The focus of the redesign was to streamline the browsing and searching process and to highlight the beauty of the spices. I worked with the owner to photograph each item in her product line.

Screenshots of the old website are in the background, the updated site are in the front.

I wanted to feature the images of the spices as much as possible upfront, as well as showcase specific merchandise.

I updated the color scheme, fonts, and overall layout to make it feel more professional as well as less static.

Category Pages

The old site was very functional if the user knew what items they wanted to purchase. Adding the imagery and the product details made the page more browsable and engaging.

Product Page

Purchasing options were highlighted at the top of the page and the product details were given more space afterwards.

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